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Home » Topo Birding and Outdoor Maps & Locations Directory » New Mexico » Parks » Bernalillo
Bernalillo County, New Mexico Birding Parks
Bernalillo County, New Mexico is home to a total of 115 Park(s), displayed in the index below. In the County of Bernalillo there are thousands of great locations for birdwatching of the many bird species. If you are planning a birding outing in Bernalillo County in New Mexico please click on one of the Parks below to get more bird, birding and birdwatching map information. Mybirdmaps would also appreciate if you could share with your fellow birdwatchers stories about your experiences at the Parks of Bernalillo County. We hope you will spot and enjoy some of the many family of birds such as Buntings, Eagles, Kittiwakes, Goshawk, Kestrel, Woodpeckers, Woodpeckers or Yellowthroat in Bernalillo County. also provides a flurry of information on birdwatching maps in the U.S. and internationally; birding contests, birding groups, birdwatching destinations and the capability to track all the unique birds you sight with the exact GPS location.

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Academy Hills Park Map (Alameda Area)
Adobe Acres Park Map (Albuquerque West Area)
Alamosa Park Map (Albuquerque West Area)
Albuquerque on the Camino Real Historical Marker Map (Albuquerque West Area)
Altura Park Map (Albuquerque East Area)
Alvarado Park Map (Albuquerque East Area)
Atrisco Park Map (Albuquerque West Area)
Atrisco Village Park Map (La Mesita Negra SE Area)
Balduini Park Map (Albuquerque East Area)
Barstow Park Map (Alameda Area)
Bataan Park Map (Albuquerque East Area)
Bear Canyon Open Space Map (Alameda Area)
Bear Canyon Scenic Easement Map (Sandia Crest Area)
Beverly Park Map (Albuquerque East Area)
Big Sky Hanglider Park Map (Alameda Area)
Burton Park Map (Albuquerque East Area)
Campo Manana Map (Albuquerque East Area)
Caņon de Carnuel Grant Map (Tijeras Area)
Cardwell Park Map (Albuquerque East Area)
Carlos Rey Park Map (La Mesita Negra SE Area)
City of Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta Park Map (Alameda Area)
Coronado Park Map (Albuquerque West Area)
Cougar Club Athletic Field Map (Albuquerque West Area)
Cutler Park Map (Albuquerque East Area)
Dennis Chavez Park Map (Albuquerque West Area)
Department of Defense Withdrawal Map (Tijeras Area)
East San Jose Park and Community Center Map (Albuquerque West Area)
Eddie Garcia Park Map (Albuquerque West Area)
El Rancho Atrisco Park Map (Albuquerque West Area)
Elena Gallegos City Park Map (Sandia Crest Area)
Eunice Kaloch Park Map (Albuquerque East Area)
Flag Athletic Field Map (Albuquerque East Area)
Forest Park Map (Albuquerque West Area)
Fox Memorial Park Map (Albuquerque East Area)
Fred Calkins Park Map (Albuquerque West Area)
Garfield Park Map (Albuquerque West Area)
Graves Park Map (Albuquerque West Area)
Grisham Park Map (Albuquerque East Area)
Gutierrez Canyon Open Space Map (Sandia Park Area)
Hazeldine Park Map (Albuquerque West Area)
Heritage Hills Park Map (Alameda Area)
Hermosa Green Map (Albuquerque East Area)
Highland Park Map (Albuquerque West Area)
Hoffman Park Map (Albuquerque East Area)
Hyder Park Map (Albuquerque East Area)
Inez Park Map (Albuquerque East Area)
Kit Carson Park Map (Albuquerque West Area)
Krogh Park Map (Albuquerque West Area)
La Ladera Park Map (Alameda Area)
Lavaland Park Map (Albuquerque West Area)
Loma del Norte Park Map (Alameda Area)
Los Altos Park Map (Albuquerque East Area)
Los Duranes Park Map (Albuquerque West Area)
Los Padillas Historical Marker Map (Isleta Area)
Mariposa Basin Park Map (Los Griegos Area)
Martineztown-Santa Barbara Park Map (Albuquerque West Area)
Mary Fox Park Map (Albuquerque West Area)
Matthew Meadows Park Map (Albuquerque West Area)
McClellan Park Map (Albuquerque West Area)
McDuffie Park Map (Albuquerque East Area)
Monroe Green Park Map (Albuquerque East Area)
Montgomery Park Map (Alameda Area)
Morningside Park Map (Albuquerque East Area)
Morris Field Map (Albuquerque East Area)
Mountain View Park Map (Albuquerque West Area)
Netherwood Park Map (Albuquerque East Area)
Nordeste Park Map (Alameda Area)
Old Town Plaza on the Camino Real Historical Marker Map (Albuquerque West Area)
Pete Padilla Park Map (Albuquerque West Area)
Petroglyph National Monument Map (Los Griegos Area)
Prado del Sol Map (Albuquerque East Area)
Princess Jeanne Park and Swimming Pool Map (Albuquerque East Area)
Prospect Park Map (Albuquerque East Area)
Pueblo of Isleta Historical Marker Map (Isleta Area)
Rancho de Palomas Park Map (Alameda Area)
Ridgecrest Park Map (Albuquerque East Area)
Rio Bravo State Park Map (Albuquerque West Area)
Rio Grande Nature Center State Park Map (Los Griegos Area)
Rio Grande Park Map (Albuquerque West Area)
Rio Grande Valley State Park Map (Albuquerque West Area)
Robinson Park Map (Albuquerque West Area)
Roma Green Map (Albuquerque East Area)
Roosevelt Park Map (Albuquerque West Area)
Ross Park Map (Albuquerque East Area)
Rotary Park Map (Alameda Area)
San Gabriel State Park Map (Albuquerque West Area)
Sandia Foothills Open Space Map (Tijeras Area)
Sandia Foothills Open Space Park Map (Sandia Crest Area)
Sandia Mountains Historical Marker Map (Sandia Crest Area)
Santa Barbara Park Map (Albuquerque West Area)
Santa Fe Village Park Map (Los Griegos Area)
Shawshaw Park Map (Albuquerque East Area)
Shooting Range State Park Map (The Volcanoes Area)
Sister Cities Park Map (Alameda Area)
Soldiers and Sailors Park Map (Albuquerque West Area)
South Broadway Park Map (Albuquerque West Area)
South San Jose Park Map (Albuquerque West Area)
Speedway Park Stadium Map (Albuquerque East Area)
Stardust Skies Park Map (Alameda Area)
Summit Park Map (Albuquerque East Area)
Taylor Park Map (Albuquerque East Area)
Tiguex Park Map (Albuquerque West Area)
Tijeras Canyon Historical Marker Map (Tijeras Area)
Tingley Field Map (Albuquerque West Area)
Tom Tenorio Park Map (Albuquerque West Area)
Urban Forest Map (Albuquerque East Area)
Vail Park Map (Albuquerque East Area)
Valley Gardens Park Map (Albuquerque West Area)
Vietnam Veteran's Park Map (Albuquerque West Area)
Wellesley Park Map (Albuquerque East Area)
Wells Park Map (Albuquerque West Area)
West Bluff Park Map (Albuquerque West Area)
West Mesa Park Map (Albuquerque West Area)
Westgate Little League Complex Map (Albuquerque West Area)
Yale Park Map (Albuquerque East Area)
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