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Bird Wingspan Calculator

Have you ever wondered the width of a birds wingspan. Well, we now have this very interesting formula to help you during you birding experiences. To use the formula the first thing you need to do is choose a bird. Once you have selected a bird conduct a little research to determine its weight. You will need to enter the bird's weight into the formula. The formula is Wingspan = 2.43 * Weight^03326, which means 2.43 multiplied by the bird weight with an exponent of 0.3326. For example, if the bird's weight is 10 pounds, then 10^0.3326 equals 2.15079986. and the formula equals Wingspan = 2.43 * 2.15079986 and when multipled equals 5.23 feet.
Bird Wingspan Calculator
Wingspan = Weight^.03326; X 2.43
1. Enter the Weight in Pounds:
2. Press to Calculate the Wingspan:
3. The Bird Wingspan in FEET:
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