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Home » Topo Birding and Outdoor Maps & Locations Directory » Nevada » Streams » Esmeralda » Perry Aiken Creek

Perry Aiken Creek in Esmeralda County in Nevada

The Perry Aiken Creek is a top location for bird watching in the State of Nevada. The Perry Aiken Creek is profiled on the United States Geological Service (USGS) Dyer Topological map. The Perry Aiken Creek is located at the latitude and longitude coordinates of 37.6982637 and -118.0623267 at an elevation of 1463 feet. Perry Aiken Creek is situated in Esmeralda County in the State of Nevada. Birding enthusiasts interested in experiencing the many wonderful bird families in the surrounding areas of Perry Aiken Creek should print out the Topological map and bring it along on their birdwatching adventures. Birdwatching enthusiasts should also draft and submit a comment or report on Perry Aiken Creek to allow your fellow birdwatchers to learn about Perry Aiken Creek.

We truly hope your birdwatching and outdoor adventures are more fullfilling through the use of our social birding website ( Before visiting any birding location always contact the Nevada Department of Natural Resouces (DNR) to confirm there are public access to these locations. Our birding site also provides users the ability to record your our topological maps, establish birding groups to communication with your birding friends and family, find birding shops and birding event locations and most importantly the ability to submit your bird sighting photos for contests to win birdwatching equipment and accessories.
Map Name: Perry Aiken Creek
Feature Type: Stream
County: Esmeralda
Area: Dyer
State: Nevada
Elevation: 1463
Longitude: -118.0623267
Latitude: 37.6982637

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