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Home » Topo Birding and Outdoor Maps & Locations Directory » Connecticut » Reservoirs » New London
New London County, Connecticut Birding Reservoirs
New London County, Connecticut is home to a total of 112 Reservoir(s), displayed in the index below. In the County of New London there are thousands of great locations for birdwatching of the many bird species. If you are planning a birding outing in New London County in Connecticut please click on one of the Reservoirs below to get more bird, birding and birdwatching map information. Mybirdmaps would also appreciate if you could share with your fellow birdwatchers stories about your experiences at the Reservoirs of New London County. We hope you will spot and enjoy some of the many family of birds such as Buntings, Eagles, Kittiwakes, Goshawk, Kestrel, Woodpeckers, Woodpeckers or Yellowthroat in New London County. also provides a flurry of information on birdwatching maps in the U.S. and internationally; birding contests, birding groups, birdwatching destinations and the capability to track all the unique birds you sight with the exact GPS location.

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Amston Lake Map (Columbia Area)
Anderson Pond Map (Jewett City Area)
Ashland Pond Map (Jewett City Area)
Aspinook Pond Map (Jewett City Area)
Ayer Pond Map (Norwich Area)
Baltic Reservoir Map (Norwich Area)
Barnes Reservoir Map (Palmertown Area)
Beach Pond Map (Voluntown Area)
Beachdale Pond Map (Voluntown Area)
Big Pond Map (Willimantic Area)
Billings Avery Diversion Pond Map (Uncasville Area)
Bishop Pond Map (Fitchville Area)
Blue Lake Map (Jewett City Area)
Bog Meadow Reservoir Map (Norwich Area)
Bogue Brook Reservoir Map (Palmertown Area)
Bond Reservoir Map (Hamburg Area)
Brandegee Lake Map (New London Area)
Burch Pond Map (Ashaway Area)
Calvin Wilcox Pond Map (Jewett City Area)
Connecticut College Pond Map (Uncasville Area)
Cooks Pond (historical) Map (Jewett City Area)
Cote Pond Map (Norwich Area)
Crystal Lake Map (New London Area)
Day Pond Map (New Milford Area)
Deep River Reservoir Map (Fitchville Area)
Doaneville Pond Map (Jewett City Area)
Dodson Pond Map (Hamburg Area)
Douglas Pond Map (Voluntown Area)
E A Whitford Pond Map (Hamburg Area)
Eely Pond Map (Norwich Area)
Fairview Reservoir Map (Norwich Area)
Falls Mill Pond Upper Map (Norwich Area)
Fitchville Pond Map (Fitchville Area)
Gay Cemetery Pond Map (Uncasville Area)
Gilman Pond Map (Fitchville Area)
Glasgo Pond Map (Jewett City Area)
Goodwins Pond Map (Old Lyme Area)
Gorton Pond Map (Niantic Area)
Great Meadow Brook Pond Map (Voluntown Area)
Grist Mill Pond Map (Jewett City Area)
Groton Reservoir Map (New London Area)
Hanover Reservoir Map (Scotland Area)
Hayward Pond Map (Willimantic Area)
Hell Hollow Pond Map (Oneco Area)
Hopeville Pond Map (Jewett City Area)
Jordan Mill Pond Map (Niantic Area)
Kendall Pond Map (Norwich Area)
Lake Konomoc Map (Palmertown Area)
Lake Nova Map (Uncasville Area)
Lake of Isles Map (Old Mystic Area)
Latham Reservoir Map (Uncasville Area)
Ledyard Reservoir Map (Uncasville Area)
Levys Pond Map (Roxbury Area)
Lords Pond Map (Old Mystic Area)
Lower Blissville Pond Map (Norwich Area)
Lower Millpond Map (Old Lyme Area)
Mathiew Pond Map (Columbia Area)
McDonald Pond Map (Colchester Area)
Miller Pond Map (Palmertown Area)
Morgan Pond Reservoir Map (Uncasville Area)
Moulsons Pond Map (Deep River Area)
Mystic Reservoir Map (Mystic Area)
Mystic Reservoir Map (Mount Carmel Area)
North Westchester Pond Map (Moodus Area)
Occum Reservoir Map (Norwich Area)
Oxoboro Brook Reservoir Map (Uncasville Area)
Oxoboxo Lake Map (Palmertown Area)
Pachaug Pond Map (Jewett City Area)
Pataguanset Lake Map (Niantic Area)
Pattagansett Lake Map (Niantic Area)
Perry Pond Map (Niantic Area)
Perry Pond Map (Niantic Area)
Picker Pond Map (Uncasville Area)
Pine Meadows Park Pond Map (Moodus Area)
Pitchers Pond Map (Fitchville Area)
Plants Pond Map (Colchester Area)
Pohegnut Reservoir Map (New London Area)
Poquonock Reservoir Map (New London Area)
Powers Lake Map (Hamburg Area)
Red Cedar Lake Map (Fitchville Area)
Red Mill Pond Map (Palmertown Area)
Red Mill Pond Map (Uncasville Area)
Rockland Pond Map (Palmertown Area)
Rogers Lake Map (Old Lyme Area)
Savin Lake Map (Colchester Area)
Sawmill Pond Map (Voluntown Area)
Shetucket River Reservoir Map (Norwich Area)
Shetucket River Reservoir Map (Norwich Area)
Silvias Pond Map (Mystic Area)
Spaulding Pond Map (Norwich Area)
Spaulding Pond Map (Ashaway Area)
Spaulding Pond Site Number 2 Map (Norwich Area)
Spencer Pond Map (Willimantic Area)
Spring Lake Map (New London Area)
State Hospital Pond Map (Uncasville Area)
Stone Hill Reservoir Map (Plainfield Area)
Stony Brook Reservoir Map (Palmertown Area)
Strongs Pond Map (Colchester Area)
Swan Pond Map (Old Lyme Area)
Taftville Reservoir Map (Norwich Area)
Taftville Reservoir Number 2 Map (Norwich Area)
Trading Cove Pond Map (Uncasville Area)
Tribrook Pond Map (Old Mystic Area)
Upper Millpond Map (Old Lyme Area)
Walnut Hill Pond Map (Newtown Area)
Wheeler Pond Map (Palmertown Area)
Wiclcabouet Marsh Map (Voluntown Area)
Williams Pond Map (Columbia Area)
Witch Meadow Pond Map (Hamburg Area)
Woodmansee Pond Map (Jewett City Area)
YMCA Pond Map (Uncasville Area)
Zemko Pond Map (Hamburg Area)
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